Bibliography of the conference "Demographic dynamics, social policies and intergenerational relationships" (29-30 September 2015)

This bibliography [approximately 450 references in total] was prepared by the Documentation Section (INED) for the conference "Demographic dynamics, social policies and intergenerationel relationships : towards new configurations?" :

  • Céline Barbillon,
  • Dominique Chauvel,
  • Dominique Diguet
  • Karin Sohler

They included references on 14 countries (Russia, China, India, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Niger, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Thailand, South Africa), dealing with four thematic areas :

1. Cohabitation and intergenerational solidarities ;

2. Population and family policies ;

3. Social protection and social security ;

4. Retirement and old age benefits.